Family Therapy

Do you lack a voice in your home??

Is your family struggling to get along??

Family relationships are an important part of your psychological health. The family often serves as the platform you take your identity from and can be your main support. Sadly, the family can be your main source of frustration, anxiety and misunderstanding.

When engaging in family therapy with me, we will use a well-established psychotherapeutic model that is proven to help; whether you are blood relations, extended family, a couple, or a group of people who choose to define yourselves as family. We will identify that missing piece!

How can family therapy help?

A family is a system, and if one of part of a system isn't working, then the whole system starts to break down. Family therapy helps to identify the Pink Elephant in the room and work to rebuild positive interaction within the family system. Will reestablish that missing piece!

Family therapy can help deal with an issue that belongs to one member of your family, or one that everyone is experiencing. Sometimes it can be difficult to get everyone onboard, it is possible to make a start with those family members that are willing to participate. 

What results will I see?

       - A family unit that functions more smoothly

       - Better coping skills

       - Enhanced ability to handle problems that arise

       - More understanding between family members

       - Appreciation for each other’s needs and viewpoints

       - A greater capacity to offer emotional support


Family therapy can help with these challenges:

·        separation, divorce

·        couple issues

·        difficulties during adolescence

·        living as a step-parent

·        parenting challenges

·        secrets, guilt and shame

·        depression and confusion

·        cultural differences

·        loneliness and addiction

·        illness and bereavement

·        fostering and adoption issues

·        life changes like retirement, aging, job changes 

Couples Counseling

What is Couples Counseling consist of?

 ·        Couples Counseling is the process of attending sessions as a couple, typically weekly or every other week. I will see you for one individual session each after the first session.

 ·        I will support you both to understand how you get stuck in negative communication cycles, and how to work things through. We will explore your interactions in conflict situations and make sense of what you are feeling.

 ·        Relationship counseling helps couples to address the underlying issues that cause conflict and disconnection, it doesn't make things worse. It helps you feel closer and more able to connect. 

 ·        Being in a relationship is difficult for most of us! Attending relationship counseling in the media is now being seen as a positive way to keep your relationship healthy.

 ·        I am skilled at making you feel safe to express, while at the same time providing you with the right level of challenge so you get the most out of each session.

Relationship Advice 

At A Prospering Vision, we will unlikely offer your relationship advice in the same way as a friend might. It's an experience that changes the quality of your couple interaction rather than a process of getting advice. We are more likely to ask questions to help you see your relationship from a fresh perspective. You begin to see how you trigger each other into being defensive and how to communicate in a way that works. For example, in a relationship people sometimes develop a “Withdrawers” attitude or a “Pursuer” attitude, which sounds like you?

Withdrawers say...

"You never come near me, it's always up to me to initiate sex"

"I can never get it right"

"I don't know what I feel. I don't feel anything. I'm lost"

"I just want us to have a nice time and not argue"

" You are always picking on something"

"I can't clean to her standards"

"She gets upset over the smallest things"

Pursuers say...

"It's up to me to do everything, he never takes the initiative"

"He's spends all his time at work or at the computer"

"When I ask him what's wrong, he snaps at me"

"I can't stand it when he just walks away"

"He never listens to me. He just gives advice"

"I've got so used to doing things on my own"

Relationship counseling gives couples the support to slow things down, to recognize and deescalate the distance/pursuer dance. It helps through naming and normalizing how couples get stuck. Through the process you learn how to replace the negative pattern with a positive one leading to you feeling closer and able to talk things through.

"Others may quit on you, but never quit on each other."


"I don't want to be happy just for the moment; I want it to last a lifetime."